Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is there a limitation on pipe diameter?

    No. The jacks have a V shape on top of it, so they can take every pipe diameter. The only limitation is the maximum load of 2500kg (5500lbs).

  • How high Pipe Rack Jack can lift the pipe?

    It depends on the height of the supporting beam and the height of the pipe shoe (if there is one). The maximum height is roughly:

    * 470mm – “height of supporting beam” – “height of pipe shoe”
    * 18.5″ – “height of supporting beam” – “height of pipe shoe”

  • What is Pipe Rack Jack's own weight?

    It’s 25.6kg (56lbs), more specific, the body weighs 16.4kg (36lbs) and the 2 jacks weigh 4.6kg (10lbs) each. Body and jacks can be carried separately to the lifting place and assembled there. The body comes with a safety strap that can be used for carrying. Each jack is in a protecting PVC tube.

  • Pipe Rack Jack is working well with flanged beams, but what about encased beams, concrete beams, box beams?

    Therefore we have a solution by means of a customized base plate that first has to be mounted under the beam. That base plate is then used to hang Pipe Rack Jack at. Please contact us to see what is possible for your situation.

  • Can Pipe Rack Jack lift insulated pipes?

    Accessory “Big V” is an attachment with a broader base, which is also lined with cellular rubber. It provides optimal protection of the pipe and is also suitable for insulated pipes.

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